St. Abban's Athletic Club

32nd Annual Four County League

League wins for Power, Walsh and Byrne at Monavea!

Results: Youths, 2000mts

  1. E. Power, North Laois 5.59
  2. J. Fagan, K.C.H. 6.06
  3. S. O'Rourke, S.L.O.T. 6.19
  4. C. Payne, S.L.O.T. 6.06
Teams: K.C.H. 21pts, S.L.O.T. 31pts, Thomastown 42pts.

  1. Power 4pts
  2. Payne 13pts
  3. B. O'Shea, K.C.H. 21pts
  4. N. Quinlan, K.C.H. 31pts
  5. F. Collier, S.L.O.T. 36pts
  6. R. Kavanagh, T'town 37pts
Teams: K.C.H. 111pts, S.L.O.T. 143pts, Thomastown 186pts.

Results: Ladies, 2500mts

  1. E.Connery, S.L.O.T., 9.00
  2. A. Walsh, St. Senan's, 9.07
  3. D. Doyle, Tinryland, 9.15
  4. L. Molloy, U'Striders, 9.19
  5. L. Nolan, K.C.H., 9.31
  6. C. Foley, K.C.H., 9.40
Teams: K.C.H. 39pts, St. Joseph's 40pts, United Striders 45pts, S.L.O.T. 50pts, Portlaoise 84pts.

  1. Walsh 5pts
  2. Connery 7pts
  3. Doyle 14pts
  4. Foley 20pts
  5. Molloy 22pts
  6. S. Forrestal, St. Joseph's 34pts
Teams: K.C.H. 156pts, St. Joseph's 188pts, United Striders 189pts, S.L.O.T. 196pts, Portlaoise 323pts.

Results: Men's, 5.3 miles

  1. P. Byrne, Tinryland 26.39
  2. T. Evans, Gowran 26.46
  3. C. Burke, St. Abban's 26.56
  4. D. Farrell, Tinryland 27.19
  5. T. Payne, Tinryland 27.43
  6. T. McElwaine, S.B.R. 28.03
Teams: Tinryland 35pts, S.B.R. 41pts.

  1. Byrne 4pts
  2. Evans 8pts
  3. Burke 13pts
  4. McElwaine 18pts
  5. Payne 24pts
  6. C. Fitzpatrick
  7. Ballyfin, 32pts
Teams: Tinryland 122pts, S.B.R. 171pts.

Results: Grade "B"

  1. N. Sheehan, Gowran, 5th
  2. R. McGee, Gowran, 9th
  3. S. Caulfield, St. Senan's, 12th
  4. R. Miller, Ballyfin, 15th
Teams: Gowran 36pts, Ballyfin, 74pts, St. Senan's 106pts.

  1. Caulfield 45pts
  2. McGee 54pts
  3. Miller 61pts
  4. P.J. Dwyer, St. Senan's, 114pts
Teams: Gowran 300pts, St. Senan's 391pts, Ballyfin 362pts.

Results: Grade "C"

  1. P. Gibbons, S.B.R. 14th
  2. E. Walsh, Tinryland, 17th
  3. C. Keenan, Ballyfin 18th
  4. D. Dunne, St. Abban's 21st
Teams: S.B.R. 107pts, Ballyfin 120pts, K.C.H. 128pts, Tinryland 160pts, St. Abban's 179pts.

  1. Walsh 75pts
  2. A. Doyle, S.B.R. 84pts
  3. Gibbons 86pts
  4. D. Dunne, St. Abban's 93pts
Teams: S.B.R. 466pts, K.C.H. 572pts, Tinryland 588pts, Ballyfin 619pts, St. Abban's 792pts.

Results: Veterans

  1. C. Burke 3rd
  2. R. Byrne 19th
  3. R. Mernagh, St. Joseph's 23rd
  1. T. Payne 6th
  2. E.Walsh 17th
  3. A. Doyle 22nd
  1. M. Walsh, Gowran 46th
  2. G. Brophy, St. Abban's 59th
  1. J.J. Murphy, Tinryland, 24th
  2. D. Whelan, St. Abban's 56th
  1. B. Harper, S.B.R. 62nd
Teams: Tinryland 47pts, S.B.R. 71pts, St. Abban's 109pts, K.C.H. 120pts.

  1. O/40, Burke 13pts, Byrne 90pts, Mernagh 102pts.
  2. O/45, Payne 23pts, Walsh 75pts, P.J. Dwyer, St. Senan's 114pts.
  3. O/50, Walsh 200pts, Brophy 256pts.
  4. O/55, Murphy 81pts, Whelan 275pts.
  5. O/60, Harper 271pts.
Teams: Tinryland 177pts, S.B.R. 306pts, St. Abban's 405pts, K.C.H. 542pts.

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