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The Fit4Life programme is organised in a network of athletic clubs around the country. The programme can help you develop your fitness in a safe, friendly and fun environment. The Fit4Life programme is open to all male and female adults who wish to get fit, no previous experience is required and you can choose a pace to your level of fitness. It is suitable for beginners through to runners; and the emphasis is on meeting with people of a similar ability on a regular basis to walk, jog or run.

St Abban's AC has a very successful Fit4Life group. The group meet every Monday and Wednesday night at 7.30pm at the clubhouse in Monavea where they walk or jog around the 400m track or the 1.3km all weather track. Why not come along and get involved. A small fee of 2 Euro per session is charged payable before training begins in the hallway of the clubhouse. If you want to come along make your way into the clubhouse and ask for Bernard, Mark, Jimmy or Mary or any committee member and they will guide you on your training.

Participants are currently required to join St Abban's AC as a Fit4Life Member (at a cost of 25 Euro). This covers Fit4Life attendees until the end of December 2017. Click here to download an application form.

Monday and Wednesday (7.30pm)
at St Abban's Track, Monavea

St. Abban's is pleased to be associated with the Athletic Association of Ireland's Fit4Life programme.



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